Early hours of a new day



As cool rain beats down outside my window and splashes onto the empty pavement below, I open my eyes. It is still dark.

Reaching out towards the wooden bedside table, I find my phone and gently press the home button. The screen jumps to life with a brightness that stings, and I watch as time flips from 00:59 to 01:00. The phone dims, and once again I am in darkness with just the sound of the downpour to keep me company. There is something deeply comforting about the noise filling the sleepy room.

A memory of sitting in my dad’s brick conservatory listening to the rain beat down onto the roof comes and goes, leaving me with a longing to see him.

I notice a small beam of street light spilling in through the shutters and have a sudden urge to see the city in the rain. And so I step sleepily out of bed and walk over to the window. As soon as I pop my head out into the night air my senses are awakened as Brazilian rain finds its way onto my face; it feels cool and fresh and lovely.

I glance out over the sleeping houses and glistening trees, I think about the past few months and the thousands of miles I’ve travelled, physically and emotionally…

And as my eyes begin to feel heavy once more, I can’t help but wonder what else there is out there to experience…


4 thoughts on “Early hours of a new day

  1. Hello Jeff! Lovely to hear your blog from across the many miles 🙂 I love the sound of the rain too, especially when I'm in the car, I'll just sit in the car on the driveway for ages, I find it very comforting, I think it reminds me of when I was in a pushchair as a child with the plastic cover on it and the pitter patter of the droplets so close to my face yet being in a cosy little cocoon! Stay safe lovely. X x


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