Another Journey


I’m up above the clouds once more. From 38,000ft up, I can see for miles.

My magazine is closed on the table. A clear plastic cup containing what’s left of my sky-high cocktail, a small piece of ice and half a lemon slice sits next to it.

I look out over the horizon. We soar high above white, fluffy clouds.

I used to wonder, as a child, what it would be like to be this far off the ground. I remember sitting in class, looking out over the cross-county field towards the airport runway and watching the planes take off one by one. I would dream of all the places in the world that I could visit one day, and of all the colourful people I would meet along the way.

As we bank gracefully left, the sun glares through the window and temporarily blinds me. I close my eyes. And within this isolation, a feeling of peace floods my body.

I am free as a bird as I doze off into a light sleep.

The sound of the trolley being pushed back up the aisle for the final time pulls me gently back.

Soon we will begin our descent. Soon we will be walking through passport control. Soon I will be boarding the DLR. And soon I will be back in my bedroom.

Night will come, dawn will break, and there will be a new beginning once again.

2 thoughts on “Another Journey

  1. Do we really go anywhere? We are already here, describing contrasts, to grab one end of, so we can return, in our mind… to the other side of them. Perhaps traveling only in words.


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