The Little Book of Moments are a series of books that bring together the random moments in life that sometimes go unnoticed. If we stop, just for a second, we will find that we have more to be grateful for than we first realised.

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“…But for every fall, there’s a get-back-up. And for every dust-yourself-down, there’s space for something new, something wonderful, something beautiful”


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.32.45.pngThe Little Book of Moments is an uplifting collection of vignettes that take a refreshing sideways look at everyday life, and uncovers the joy that can be found anywhere by simply living in the moment.

“Thoughtfully written, with lovingly hand-drawn illustrations, each piece in this collection will inspire the reader and bring a smile to your face and heart”

“Beautifully written, charming little read with the feel-good factor!”

“The author’s compassion and insight turns each of his little moments into life lessons, seeing the love and beauty ever present in the world we live in…This is a little gem of a book to keep on your shelf and pull out as a source of comfort whenever life gets a little bit challenging”

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From a stroll in a bustling city to a journey high above the ocean; from people watching to self-observation – this collection of vignettes will take you to those little moments that often go unnoticed. Through the places we go and the people we meet, there is always a lesson to learn. And by stopping just long enough to see them, we can find that there is more to be grateful for than we realised.


“The Little Book of Moments Volume II follows on perfectly from the insightful Volume I and has yet more fabulous, thought provoking and moving moments”

“A really uplifting book”


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