I was 2 when it last happened.

I might have been cuddling with my mum on the sofa or playing make-believe in my wigwam; laughing, crying or smearing chocolate around my little mouth. I was completely unaware of the celestial show happening just up in the sky.

The lifelong scar that now sits on my body was barely a few months old.

38 years later, I am watching the moon rise slowly in the sky. It’s lifting away from the trees and up into the night. It bathes everything it touches in a silvery light.

The hedges at the end of the field begin to disappear, and trees transform into gnarly silhouettes.

As we dance and spin through the blackness of space, we find ourselves, once again, next to a Christmas full moon.

I sit on the bed looking out of the window with soft beams falling gently on my face…and I breathe.

There are times in our life when everything is in tune and perfectly aligned – all is well in our wonderful world.

Then there are moments when the rug gets pulled from under our feet and we struggle to simply get through the day – we are left disorientated, unable to see beyond the trees.

But it’s all about letting go and believing; having faith that everything will work out in the end.

And just like this coming full moon on a Christmas day, some things will only ever happen when the time is right.

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