Been there…


I’ve seen it before.

I’ve sat at my desk with a hot ginger tea. I’ve watched the steam swirl up and out of the blue mug. I’ve turned my head to look out of the glass: the same grey sky, the same cold breeze blowing through my open window.

With the same words written on the page of my orange Moleskine, in exactly the same order, with the same blue ink, everything seems to stop.

I’m lost in space, unable to orientate my body.

There’s nothing extraordinary about this moment. It is just a moment – a speck of living. But I’ve been here before, witnessed everything in minute detail: my steady breath, quickening heartbeat and an energy spinning up my spine.

There’s something unsettling about this flash of déjà vu. And at the same time, quietly reassuring, familiar.

A million possibilities come flying out of this twice-lived moment.

I can’t help but wonder what I would do differently if I knew for sure what was coming around the corner? Would I change my words, my actions, my hopes?

As much as we want everything to be perfect, life is also about making mistakes. Without them, we would never grow. We would never look at ourselves and never find our inner strength. Sometimes we live and learn, sometimes we don’t.

There are mistakes that make us kick ourselves, and mistakes that cause us to cringe.

And then there are those that take us to another place entirely – a place where whatever happens, we know we will always be ok.


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