Just visiting


I used to think I had just one pace in this city when I first arrived…Two decades later, I’ve discovered another.

There are times in our life when all we can do is let go and allow the current to take us where it will.

With nowhere else to get to for at least another hour, I slow my stride and begin to melt into the swarm of strangers. In between shoulder bags and cameras and shorts and smiles, I snatch glimpses of a city I love, foreign to my crowd, familiar to me. Big Ben glints in the early evening sunset behind red buses, black cabs, and bicycles.

I stop sporadically as tourists in front of me pose wearily against a sunset skyline; a long day of walking and exploring finally taking its toll. I watch as they soak everything in. It will soon be time for them to head back to their hotel to shower and change before heading out again for dinner.

Once across the river, I find myself retreating to the park opposite Westminster. This is my favourite part of killing time…I love people watching.

The blonde-haired girl cartwheels freely across the grass and heads towards the Japanese couple freezing for a picture with their fingers held playfully in a peace sign – I love this pose. Maybe deep down, that’s all the majority of us want for the planet anyway. There are kids playing around the bronze statue now, and I chuckle to myself as they hold onto the giant finger to dance with it. Their laughter rings out across the grass, becoming part of the city soundtrack.

A Union Jack blows gently in the breeze high upon a rooftop.

Suddenly a bee buzzes sleepily past and I follow its journey around behind me. I realise that I’ve been sitting right in front of a wall of lavender this whole time. And so I reach behind to squeeze a piece of it in between my fingers. The scent fills my nostrils and floods me with happiness…

Tonight, I am right where I’m meant to be.


8 thoughts on “Just visiting

  1. Love the last line, Jeff.
    I know we've all felt that, at one time or another. I think a lot of it has to do with having an intense sense of gratitude. And another part is feeling at one with ourselves and everything around us.
    Great job. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Did the idea that we all just visiting, come to you to lead you to the last line? Or the outsider view of goes on around us, and once you can pull yourself in the moment….and literally stop, can be awakening.


  3. I love New York very much! Things look so different once we slow down. I was telling some friends about your blog this weekend…they have just been travelling around Spain and had some amazing experiences.


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