Walking out into early morning, the sky, still a sleepy blue, begins to wake. It is literally freezing this morning.

At some point during the night, whilst I was fast asleep, the first few flakes of snow fell silently to earth. The light bouncing off the crisp whiteness bathes me in its glistening glow.

And then I hear it, I feel it…The sensation that suddenly floods my body with utter joy; snow crunching and compacting under my feet.

Being one of my secret pleasures in life, I begin to smile as I take a deep in-breath of air and watch as a cloud of warmth leaves my body and vanishes just as quickly.

With the realisation that this is the first snow of the year, I begin to think about all the other firsts in my life; the first time I came to this bustling city, alone…the first time I sat on a plane and watched the ground drift away…the first time I ate gelato…the first kiss…the first time I found love and the first time I lost it.

Life is littered with firsts and, as constantly changing as the world is, that will never change.

There are endless opportunities for new beginnings everywhere, and as I continue on my journey, I suddenly feel excited for all the firsts that are yet to come.

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