Something extra


It happened in the early hours of this morning. I was fast asleep.

Eyes closed, breathing deeply, I dreamt about people and places long gone. The streets outside were quiet and deserted as city foxes came out to play in the light of the tall yellow lamps dotted all around. The almost full moon shone brightly, bathing everything in a silvery glow. I wasn’t even aware of when the moment arrived. It crept in unannounced, without fanfare and waited patiently for the dawn.

My eyes slowly opened to the new day, earplugs pulled out as I came to. And then I noticed its presence. The gift had arrived…

And so I began to think about how I could spend this extra hour. Sixty minutes in our time doesn’t seem that much but the possibilities held within it are incredible.

We can do something wonderful to set in motion a chain of events that will change the course of our life, forever. We can tell someone that we love them, do something great for someone else or just lie back and enjoy the peace of living in the moment. It is ours to do with whatever we choose.

Life is so precious, every moment counts and this bonus of an extra hour comes just at the right time. A time, in which life seems so cramped with stuff, we wish we had more hours in the day…and now, for a short while, we do.


16 thoughts on “Something extra

  1. Love the reflection in the words here.

    An extra hour was a gift that I am always grateful for, any extra time in this life can only be seen as a bonus. I used the time to write a poem and a blog post on err the extra hour!


  2. Admittedly, the extra hour concept is fascinating. I don't really understand why we still do it though, honestly. I don't see any practical use to it. It's rather a way to consume more electricity.
    Yet, there's something so very fascinating about waking up and noticing it's still dark outside. I love turning on my table lamp light and the radio while lingering a few minutes more in bed.


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