On your marks



Charged particles surround me and fly off across the planet. Something great has begun.

As I look out over the water towards the packed stadium, helicopters swarm overhead like bumblebees in the dark.

Sounds of cheering, laughing and whooping engulf the air making my heart beat just that little bit faster. I watch, and wait…

Shooting up into the cool, clear air, fireworks begin to illuminate the July night sky, accompanied by a deafening roar. Face lights up, hairs stand on end, and I’m awestruck at the sheer magnificence of it all. I am witnessing history in the making.

I can’t help but think about what is to come over the next few weeks in this beautiful city. Men and women will push themselves harder than they have ever done before. Records will be broken and personal challenges will be set. I wonder what must go through an athlete’s mind just seconds before the whistle blows. In that moment, nothing else exists…wings spread, they soar higher and higher.

It is absolutely incredible what we are capable of.

Through our daily struggles and challenges, it’s easy for us to forget; we are so much more amazing than most of us realise. Whether our successes are personal or professional, pride comes from knowing that we tried our hardest in the face of adversity.

Simply getting up after a fall is worthy of rapturous applause.

So go out there and shine brightly. Strive to be the best you can and never lower your bar. Go for the gold…

You never know who you’re going to inspire.

8 thoughts on “On your marks

  1. you never know who you will inspire, so true. You have inspired me today my friend, I was feeling a bit blue, then I read this reminder of the amazing human spirit…thank you.

    cheers my friend


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