Spring forward

The air has changed again; days getting longer and evenings, warmer. As I wander along the glistening canal, a swan glides gracefully across the surface and catches my eye. Watching her move through the water, I am lost in time and everything stops still. A memory of me as a boy watching planes thunder down the runway and lift off into the air comes back to me out of absolutely nowhere. I stay there until the sound of a train rattling somewhere in the distance pulls me abruptly out of my reverie. I continue on. The wind picks up and blows through the weeping willow, making the branches sway majestically. A man jogs past me and for a brief moment I can hear his lungs fill with air and quickly empty. I smile as I suddenly become aware of my own breathing and it occurs to me that we are all built the same; we are one. I can’t remember the last time I jogged.
The early evening sun continues to beat down onto me and fills me with its last rays of warmth. Soon, the sky will get darker and the air, cooler. In a few short hours I will be turning my clocks forward again before drifting off to sleep. But right now, I’m here, walking along the canal with my bright yellow daffodils lining the path.


5 thoughts on “Spring forward

  1. It's interesting your use of “she” for a swan. I would have said “he”; “she” is more romantic. I'll say “she” for swans from now on 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Mitch, I'm glad that it brought back sweet memories. Daffs are the essence of Spring. Wishing you a very happy, sunny season:-)

    Hey Jay. Funny you say that because I had originally used 'He' but changed it at the last minute for that reason. Hope all is well with you:-)


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