As the train rocks gently from side to side, the monotonous sound of clickety clack hypnotises me. I am caught in a trance. Gazing out across the horizon towards rolling fields and frosty hedgerows, I watch as the world whizzes by effortlessly. I am part of the blur.
Turning my head, I watch as the lovers opposite simultaneously take sips of hot coffee out of cardboard cups. The man to my right flips over his newspaper with a rustle, and laughter rings out a few seats in front of me; snapshots of people’s journey imprinted in my mind forever.
Sleepily, I turn my attention back out of the window just in time to see a couple of Canadian geese land gracefully onto the sparkling lake as we continue snaking onwards.
Life takes us in many different directions. Sometimes the journey is smooth and straight, other times, we are buffeted around in such a way that we can fall out of our seats. Some of the passengers on our train have been there from the very beginning, remaining for the entire journey as part of the furniture. Then there are the people who board for a few stops only. Their brief presence in our carriage infinitely enriches our life and changes us forever.
For a few moments nothing else exists. My eyes begin to close as I drift gently off into a deep sleep, trusting that I will awaken before my stop.

4 thoughts on “Tracks

  1. Jeff,
    Lovely post. Very lyrical. I love the photograph you chose. Tracks and trains have always suggested to me an idea of romantic desolation. I absolutely have to travel alone when I'm on the train. I can't stand people talking to me, unless they're strangers, that is.
    And travelling by train also often puts me to sleep (I missed my stop a couple of times :).
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Jay,
    Thanks so much! I took it whilst leaving Venice. The sunset was so beautiful that evening. I agree, travelling alone on the train is great and I love your term 'romantic desolation' 🙂
    Have a great evening!


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