You have seen me before, I’m certain.
Turn on any news channel or spot me on YouTube. If you look closely enough, I am gently floating down towards the earth. One by one, each of my four white corners lift up and flip me over. Every now and then the reflection of bright red flame illuminates my side, causing me to momentarily glow like a star.
All around me is a deafening sound of glass smashing, steel breaking and sirens screeching.
The last thing I remember was lying on a desk in a non-descript plastic in-tray waiting to be filed later this morning….Then everything was turned upside down.
As I am slowly carried along by the breeze, I can’t help but wonder why.
I am surrounded by heroes and angels.
Fluttering down I realise that just as I can be recycled and change form, so too can love. Love is energy, and energy never dies. It will always remain and fill the Earth, forever alive.

On this, the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, I pray for peace. And to all the heroes and angels, I give you my heart.

One thought on “10

  1. A heart felt tribute my darling. I remember it as though it was only yesterday. I do not remember many things but this day I know exactly what I was doing. Somehow we just freeze time when such a disaster strikes our hearts, after all we are all connected. When so many die at one time we feel it on some level. I appreciate all I have and am thankful that I chose you. Love you darling.


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